Monday, 6 February 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy show me the Coq

Well didn't this weekend turn out to be a bloody good weekend, I seem to have watched highlight after highlight of our game at the weekend and sat watching Chelsea Man Utd with a real smug look.

You see a lot is said about our inactivity and lack of spending power and what we are witnessing this season is quiet interesting as all the teams that have spent a fortune are all struggling (Man City apart maybe).

You just cant help the feeling of satisfaction watching Chelski drop 2 points the debates about the pens will rage on but quiet honestly right now I couldn't care less our aim is top 4 minimum and the more points they drop the better.

I have reflected on our game this weekend and come to 2 conclusions that dont involve the 3 most talked about players at the weekends game.

Conclusion 1 - Alex Song

This season has been unbelievable for song as he goes about his defensive duties breaking up the play, all the things we know he is capable of but this season he has added something extra and that is his range of passing. This season Song has 7 assists to his name that is joint second with Van Persie and 1 behind Walcott. Impressive numbers but then you dont take into acount passes that lead to assists like the one beautiful ball played to Walcott in the area it was exquisite, If he continues on this path he could make his way in to Arsenal folk lore.

Conclusion 2 - Francis Coquelin

Mr Coq what a player we have in him, He has been on my radar a few years now and Ive always thought he had the potential but I would never have thought he would be able to produce what he is right now. A tenacious midfielder with an eye for a pass, playing out of position for much of the season yet he shows the old English brawn and no fear in the tackle. I think once Sagna is back the coq is going to have some game time in midfield so Song and Ramsey can get some well deserved rest and I am interested to see how he handles that competition for places in midfield has suddenly become real fierce!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Review:Arsenal vs Blackburn Rovers - Welcome to the year of the Ox

Well those of you who read the 1st blog yesterday morning will be aware of my 3-0 prediction well I am so happy to say that I was bloody wrong.

For the 1st time this year the boys looked like they could be bothered to play with out handicapping themselves in the 1st half or perhaps they felt the cold and wanted to get warm as soon as possible. Either way it took just 1 minute and 22 seconds for the 1st goal to arrive following a break down the right towards the clock end Walcott played in Van Persie and well so far this season he has not failed our expectancy and duly placed the ball in the back of the net. We dominated the proceedings but i'm sure we all felt nervy when Pedersen scored with Blackburns 1st and only effort on goal and a rocket it was at that too some times you just have too admit we love a peach of a goal no matter who scores.

The response by the Arsenal was villaesque only straight away this time, Walcott who has come in for some criticism lately(unfair in my opinion) escaped down the wing again cut a lovely ball back and captain fantastic showed such composure brilliant off the ball moment and made the rest look easy.

It wasn't a long wait for the next goal Van Persie this time turned provider with a quality defence splitting ball which Chamberlain ran onto showing amazing pass to catch the ball before Robinson knocking it past him before stroking the ball into the back of the net for his first premier league goal.

A terrible lunge by Givet had us all wincing and probably praying that VP was not injured and a red card rightly followed.

In the second half it was all Arsenal, within a few minutes the ball was in the back of the net again, a corner swung in by Chamberlain was cleared only as far as Arteta whose sweet volley was deflected but found its way in to the goal 4 -1 and a goal from midfield is always nice.

Blackburn looked broken and with out Samba (a player I really like) they just did not have the fight in them, the 5th goal came following a lovely mazey run by Theo who passed to Chamberlain with a delightful touch away from the defender he casually stroked the ball into the goal, such composure for one so young is delightful to see.

Goal number 6 the hat trick was complete for RVP, a lovely pass from Coquelin who is so impressive when he has played this season passed the Blackburn defenders RVP pulled away and made some space and clinically slotted the ball past Robinson, how he must hate to play the gunners.

Nothing much of note happened after that as we slowed the tempo down that was until the 90th minute when Henry completed a successful tackle ran on to the loose ball, he has lost a yard or two of his pace so was not able to glide all the way himself instead he fed Van Persie who then cut it back to Henry his finish was scruffy but it hit the back of the net. Talk about giving the cat the cream perfect end to the perfect game.

I think its fair to say after such impressive performances the last 3 matches we have well and truly entered the year of the Ox. He has so much to his armoury he has pace, skill, an ability to pick out a pass, can cross and some of his crosses yesterday were lovely to see and he has end product as he has shown with his two goals today and his 4th this season in only 12 matches.

Wenger has said he was not ready before and I agree with that statement as he shown in the Carlin Cup against Bolton he had a lot of work to do on his defensive side. However he looks to have worked extremely hard on that as he was tracking back and making some great challenges looks like money well spent.

When Gervinho comes back I predict a lot of goals coming our way as we will have so much pace and skill it will be unreal.

Until tomorrow my gooners.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Blackburn Preview - Fans talking rubbish ---- bags

Good morning folks, looking forward to bracing the ice and the snow and the damn miserable weather? a phrase you could probably use when you are off to watch Arsenal today. No premier league win in 4 games highlights the icy slippery road the team are treading at the minute.

Today we have a chance to redeem ourselves not to turn a corner or anything like that but a win is a must to get back some of the backing of the fans. Its been a long time since I have know such irk from us Arsenal fans and I am not sure whether I agree that the team should be booed or not.

I'm a fan from the old school where Arsenal used to finish 10th in the premier league, play some of the most boltonesque style football you have seen, yet back then the team got backed by its fans no boos rang out around the stadium. Perhaps the move to the emirates whilst affording us the financial luxury (Yes I know we don't spend it so not much point moving ay?) has brought with it the ultra modern fan which seems to have gained a gladiatorial style support. If a player in your team does not do well they will put up there fans to the Wenger dictator and give the disappointing thumbs down and the gladiator is rather that being killed has a leg chopped off and disappears whilst the baying fans go away happy yet hoping his leg will grow back so he can maybe provide us with one magical moment again.

Today the fans should get behind their team, Wenger always says the team should give the fans something to sing about for the players to create an atmosphere what about us, should we not create the atmosphere that the players will want to play for, I sure as hell can guarantee a buzzing crowd will increase the performance of the players a lot more than subjecting them to boos.

Anyway enough about that, we got some ideas of who could be missing today one of them being the ox, Well I hope he is fit to play today because he really has shown over the last 3 games what an exciting prospect we have in our team. He is different to any other player we have he has the skill to beat players, blistering pace but what he does add is a pop at goal from distance, something the fans scream for over and over again with the result being pass pass pass oh move over.

Rumours flying round that Van Persie might enjoy a rest, 3 weeks ago he had a nice rest in Dubai and with the          lack of free flowing attacking football from the team in recent weeks I struggle to see how he is tired but i guess injury prevention is the key especially given the managers reluctance to indulge in a striker.That said Thierry Henry could start against the club he scored one of the best goals of his career.

I am Henrys biggest fan in the world ever having watched im at the age of 17 playing in the champions league against Newcastle, yes I bet you were watching Asprilla while I seen the making of the greatest footballer that ever lived and oddly this is the moment I remember most, he executed an over head kick which went high and wide and yet that stuck with me in a big way and I followed his career since. However I do not thing Henry is a starter right now but is a worthy option from the bench. Me I would like to see Park in the park he seems to be a bit of a Chamakh from what I have seen that he has a lot of movement and not much else, but his only goal for the club was a sensational finish and watching him on international duty he can finish and best of all gets goals out of the area. Today could be his day.

I will be at the match today to cheer on my team and I will not be touching a black bag I support Arsenal and support they will get.

My prediction 3 - 0 to the gunners, UP the Arsenal

Friday, 3 February 2012

Welcome to Aimforthetop4

Thanks for visiting AimfortheTop4. This blog will contain my thoughts on all things Arsenal related

I will try to cover all the big stories with honest opinion, provide you with match reviews as well as an insight into the clubs up and coming stars from under 18's upwards.

Why should you read this Arsenal blog other any other Arsenal blog?

Well as cliche as it sounds I talk Arsenal, sleep Arsenal and talk Arsenal. My opinions also vary quiet a lot from the normal media vomit inducing crap which seems to impact too much on the way football is looked at these days.

I like to look at the grassroots if you will with fair assessment which at the very least will make for interesting reading! So if you like me love Arsenal FC and all the ups and downs that come with it then this is the blog for you.