Monday, 6 February 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy show me the Coq

Well didn't this weekend turn out to be a bloody good weekend, I seem to have watched highlight after highlight of our game at the weekend and sat watching Chelsea Man Utd with a real smug look.

You see a lot is said about our inactivity and lack of spending power and what we are witnessing this season is quiet interesting as all the teams that have spent a fortune are all struggling (Man City apart maybe).

You just cant help the feeling of satisfaction watching Chelski drop 2 points the debates about the pens will rage on but quiet honestly right now I couldn't care less our aim is top 4 minimum and the more points they drop the better.

I have reflected on our game this weekend and come to 2 conclusions that dont involve the 3 most talked about players at the weekends game.

Conclusion 1 - Alex Song

This season has been unbelievable for song as he goes about his defensive duties breaking up the play, all the things we know he is capable of but this season he has added something extra and that is his range of passing. This season Song has 7 assists to his name that is joint second with Van Persie and 1 behind Walcott. Impressive numbers but then you dont take into acount passes that lead to assists like the one beautiful ball played to Walcott in the area it was exquisite, If he continues on this path he could make his way in to Arsenal folk lore.

Conclusion 2 - Francis Coquelin

Mr Coq what a player we have in him, He has been on my radar a few years now and Ive always thought he had the potential but I would never have thought he would be able to produce what he is right now. A tenacious midfielder with an eye for a pass, playing out of position for much of the season yet he shows the old English brawn and no fear in the tackle. I think once Sagna is back the coq is going to have some game time in midfield so Song and Ramsey can get some well deserved rest and I am interested to see how he handles that competition for places in midfield has suddenly become real fierce!

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